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Jerry Persons

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04/08/14 01:03 PM #1    

Lynn Puckering (Ellerbrook)

So very sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. I remember him to be on the quiet side, but a great friend when you got to know him. We had several classes together at Sunset.  He was always so nice to everyone and will be missed.  My condolences to his family.






04/08/14 07:57 PM #2    

Aryn Jewett (Sallee)

I remember Jerry from grade school, he and John Ferguson were friends.  Jerry had a great sense of humor and I rmember him being an entertainer type of guy.  

04/09/14 03:20 PM #3    

Bob Cravens

  Jerry, John Ferguson, myself and two other guys from Beaverton used to bowl together on a youth select team each Sunday for several months through the winter.... it was a lot of fun because we traveled the Beaverton - Portland area to meet other teams from across the area.  The Team would bowl on Saturday mornings in a youth league and then do this special team on Sunday afternoon.  Jerry was always very quiet but a very strong competitor.  

   Jerry was a really neat guy... he was a groomsman in my wedding in 1967, we sort of lost track of each other but I thought about him a lot.... we had several classes together and had a lot of fun... he and John, myself and Terry Lash, Mike Pankow and a couple of guys from Beaverton decided that we should learn about "odds and predicting" after Mr Acheson's Advanced Algebra class ... so we began playing poker on Friday nights... this led to sampling wiskey, cigars and other bad habits...!!   But great fun for 16-17 year olds..!!   We played our Junior and Senior years but separated for the Service, college and other activities... never draw to the inside Straight Jerry...!!   bob 

04/09/14 05:29 PM #4    

John Ferguson

Jerry Persons was my best friend from seventh grade (when we met) until 1965 when we graduated from Oregon State and went separate ways. He was a groomsman at my wedding in 1967; he lost a coin flip or else he would have been best man.

Jerry gave some people the impression that he was quiet, but he spoke enough for me. He was intelligent, and always enthusiastic, polite, and honest. He and I hit it off well because we were both super competitive, and we enjoyed competing with each other.

Many of my fondest memories of Jerry involve sports. In the summer of 1964 Jerry and I were playing golf, and I hit what had to be the longest tee shot of my life, straight and down the middle of the fairway. I mentioned to Jerry that I had just made the longest golf hit of my life. Jerry's response: "I'll bet I can hit my ball farther than yours." I said: "Jerry, didn't you hear me? That has to be the longest I have ever hit a golf ball in my entire life!" Jerry repeated that he thought he could out-drive me. So I said: "Jerry, if you hit your ball past mine, I'll buy you dinner tonight." He responded: "OK, and if your shot is longer, I'll buy you dinner." Then he teed up his ball, wiggled his butt, and hit a shot identical to mine. Then we started walking. In the distance we could see one ball, but only one. When we got to it, we discovered that it was mine; Jerry's ball was nowhere in sight. We figured that probably some kid had run off with Jerry's ball, so we called our dinner bet a tie; and we both hit our second shots, Jerry hitting from the same spot as me. Then we resumed walking. After about 50 yards, we came across Jerry's tee shot in the middle of the fairway! He not only out-drove me, but he did it by such a huge distance that we could not see his ball from where we found mine! I enjoyed buying him a steak dinner that evening

09/13/14 02:57 PM #5    

Margaret Landon (Niess)

I remember Jerry .. and all the Aloha gang.  Now I am not sure if everyone road the bus to school but I know I did.. I think they did too. It was a time when we didn't have the luxury of driving our own cars to school.

Yes, Jerry and John were good friends. And Jerry lived in the house that was behind our big field (of what I don't remember clearly). They were good friends to me also as we all went on to Oregon State University.  Now it is true that we all graduated from OSU.. what I remember though is that Jerry and John decided they would take the world by the tail and go to Reno (I think that was where).. and they were the dealers for I think Blackjack.. I think they thought they could win it all but I also htink they were on the wrong side of the tables.. BUT I do rememeber they had a good time and were always smiling.  And I always counted them as true friends.  I do miss you Jerry!

Maggie (AKA Margaret Landon)

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